Sharjah Light Festival @ Al Qasba & Cultural Palace

Al Qasba. another major landmark in Sharjah plays host to many an events and is also a venue for the SLF shows since its inception in 2011.The major shows of SFL 2011 were held at Qasba. Continue reading “Sharjah Light Festival @ Al Qasba & Cultural Palace”


Sharjah Light Festival @ University City Hall

Sharjah Light Festival (SLF) has been illuminating the major cultural and architectural landmarks of Sharjah for the last 7 years. SLF has now gained a lot of International acclaim and is one of the attractions to look out for during the cool winter months in UAE. I look forward to each year’s edition of this incredible light and sound show to improve my photography skills. It is always a challenge to capture moving and constantly changing lights at night. Continue reading “Sharjah Light Festival @ University City Hall”

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