Georgian Chronicles – Mtatsminda Park

Our last leg of the city tour was the Mtatsminda Park – a very famous landscaped park located atop Mount Mtatsminda. The park overlooks the city of Tbilisi and gives a panoramic view of the city down below. The park built in 1930 during the soviet era was one of the most visited park in the erstwhile USSR.Georgia Day 1-4696 Continue reading “Georgian Chronicles – Mtatsminda Park”


Georgian Chronicles – Peace Bridge & Rike Park

As we finished our tour of Abanotubani, there was another issue that needed immediate attention – the rumblings of our stomach. We decided to try some local fares and chose a local restaurant suggested by our guide Nini. We were so hungry that I even forgot to click some pictures. Made a mental note to take some pictures of the local Georgian food the next time. After a quick lunch it was again time to explore the city. We decided to have a quick walk to digest our lunch. Continue reading “Georgian Chronicles – Peace Bridge & Rike Park”

Georgian Chronicles – Abanotubani

Abanotubani is an integral part of the history of Georgia in general and Tbilisi in particular. Located at the eastern bank of Mtkvari river, Abanotubani is today referred in many names –  old city, bath district, historical district and the list goes on. As per legend, King of Iberia Vakhtang Gorgasali made Tbilisi his capital after discovering the hot springs in Abanotubani during one of his hunting expeditions. The hot springs that we see in Abanotubani today stands a testimony to this legend. Continue reading “Georgian Chronicles – Abanotubani”

Georgian Chronicles – City of Tibilisi

The city of Tibilisi is said to have been founded by the Iberian King Vakhtang I Gorgasali. The popular legend says that the present location where the city stands was an uninhabited forest area until the second half of the fourth century. As per the account,King Vakhtang went hunting into this forest area where his falcon caught a pheasant and both the birds in the bargain fell into the hot spring and died. The King was impressed by the discovery and decided to build a city around the location. Continue reading “Georgian Chronicles – City of Tibilisi”

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