Sharjah Light Festival 2018 – Part  I

Sharjah Light Festival 2018 – Part I

The 8th edition of Sharjah Festival of Lights kicked off on 07th Feb. The ten day long journey in lights is spread over 18 locations and 21 shows across the Emirate of Sharjah. The public buildings selected for the light shows are well known architectural landmarks in the Emirate of Sharjah. Internationally renowned artists transform these beloved landmarks to a mesmerizing show of light, sound and colors.

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Hidden Gems in UAE – Al Dhayah Fort

Hidden Gems in UAE – Al Dhayah Fort

Dahyah Fort-4796

Tucked away in a hillock in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah is the Dhayah Fort. The Dhayah oasis is believed to have been occupied since the last 5000 years. The conical shaped hill at the edge of the oasis and foot of the mountains served as a natural defense post for many centuries.

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Georgian Chronicles – Peace Bridge & Rike  Park

Georgian Chronicles – Peace Bridge & Rike Park

As we finished our tour of Abanotubani, there was another issue that needed immediate attention – the rumblings of our stomach. We decided to try some local fares and chose a local restaurant suggested by our guide Nini. We were so hungry that I even forgot to click some pictures. Made a mental note to take some pictures of the local Georgian food the next time. After a quick lunch it was again time to explore the city. We decided to have a quick walk to digest our lunch. Continue reading “Georgian Chronicles – Peace Bridge & Rike Park”

Georgian Chronicles – Abanotubani

Georgian Chronicles – Abanotubani

Abanotubani is an integral part of the history of Georgia in general and Tbilisi in particular. Located at the eastern bank of Mtkvari river, Abanotubani is today referred in many names –  old city, bath district, historical district and the list goes on. As per legend, King of Iberia Vakhtang Gorgasali made Tbilisi his capital after discovering the hot springs in Abanotubani during one of his hunting expeditions. The hot springs that we see in Abanotubani today stands a testimony to this legend. Continue reading “Georgian Chronicles – Abanotubani”