Georgian Chronicles – The Sameba Cathedral


After a short break, I return to continue my series of posts inspired from my trip to Gerogia. I realize that there is still a lot to write and have to go on an overdrive if I have to complete it any time soon. There is no better place than the Sameba Cathedral to restart my journey. 

Georgia Day 1-4168

Sameba Cathedral or The Holy Trinity Cathedral is the main cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox church in Tbilisi. Built between 1995 and 2004, the Sameba Cathedral is the third tallest Eastern Orthodox Cathedral.

Georgia Day 1-4180

Georgia Day 1-4203

Above : View of the courtyard, bell tower and city beyond.

The cathedral symbolizes the Georgian national and spiritual revival. The architecture showcases the various stages of the Georgian history with byzantine undertones.

Georgia Day 1-4211

Georgia Day 1-4183

Georgia Day 1-4186

Georgia Day 1-4184

The cathedral in its entity houses a monastery, theology school and nine chapels. Five of these chapels are underground.

Georgia Day 1-4191

The dome interior

Georgia Day 1-4189-3

Georgia Day 1-4170

Georgia Day 1-4216

Georgia Day 1-4214

Bell tower up close

The golden dome of the 101 mtr cathedral can be be seen from literally anywhere within the city of Tbilisi.

Georgia Day 1-4247

View from Narikala Fortress

Georgia Day 1-4731

Georgia Day 1-4726

Georgia Day 1-4258

Tbilisi city tour is never complete without a visit to this magnificent cathedral. After spending close to an hour at the architectural marvel, it is now time to proceed to the next location – The Narikala Fortress.




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