Georgian Chronicles – Kartlis Deda

Kartlis Deda, a 20 meter aluminium statue stands tall overlooking the city of Tbilisi. Kartlis Deda translates to Mother of a Kartli. The eastern region which Tbilisi is part of was known as Kartli historically and hence the name. Today Kartlis Deda is described as the Mother of all Georgians.

Georgia Day 1-4235

Georgia Day 1-4238

The statue was built on top of Sololaki hill in 1958 to commemorate the 1500th anniversary of the city of Tbilisi. A prominent Georgian sculptor Elguja Amashukeli is credited with the design. The statue depicts a smiling Georgian woman in national costume with a bowl of wine in her left hand and a sword in her right hand. The wine is for welcoming the ones that come as friends. The sword is a stern warning to those coming as enemies.

Georgia Day 1-4252

Stand at her feet and you will be treated with am amazing panoramic view of the city of Tbilisi down below. There could be no better position than this for her.

Georgia Day 1-4244

Georgia Day 1-4247

View of the Sameba Cathedral

Georgia Day 1-4248

View of the university building

Georgia Day 1-4256

View of the freedom square

Georgia Day 1-4259

View of the TV tower and the Funicular station atop Mtatsminda Park

Georgia Day 1-4266

The 7 star Biltmore Hotel

From the Kartlis Deda you can either walk to the Narikala Fort crossing the cable car station or walk down to the Botanical garden.

Georgia Day 1-4242.jpg

View of the botanical garden

As it was winter, the garden was not in its full charm. We were short of time, so we skipped the botanical garden to go to the Narikala fort instead. While walking back we saw a flight of stairs down leading to a viewing platform. From there we could get an amazing view of the Kartlis Deda.

Georgia Day 1-4274

Georgia Day 1-4275

Georgia Day 1-4272

Want to know how to reach Kartlis Deda – Read here 

The coverage of the Kartlis Deda would be incomplete without capturing how she looks from the city down below, so made a mental note to click a few pictures from the Rike Park later on.

Georgia Day 1-4685

Georgia Day 1-4686

She really stood tall watching the city down below and I was tempted to return back at night to take some more pictures.

Georgia Day 0-4073

Georgia Day 0-4077

Signing off for now and will return shortly with a post on Narikala Fortress.


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