Georgian Chronicles – City of Tibilisi

The city of Tibilisi is said to have been founded by the Iberian King Vakhtang I Gorgasali. The popular legend says that the present location where the city stands was an uninhabited forest area until the second half of the fourth century. As per the account,King Vakhtang went hunting into this forest area where his falcon caught a pheasant and both the birds in the bargain fell into the hot spring and died. The King was impressed by the discovery and decided to build a city around the location.

Georgia Day 1-4323

Statue of King Vakhtang I Gorgasali

Though there are archaeological evidences pointing to human settlement in this region as early as 4th millennium BC, the earliest written account is said to be around 458 AD. This could also be the reason why the legend is popular. Archaeological evidence shows that King Vakhtang could have revived or rebuilt the parts of the city (old part of the present city) that existed then.

Georgia Day 1-4475

Georgia Day 1-4689

Views of the King Vakhtang Statue & Metekhi Church

Georgia Day 1-4693

Georgia Day 1-4313

Georgia Day 1-4321

Views of the old city

The name Tbilisi is derived from Georgian word meaning “Warm Location” due to the large number of warm sulfuric hot springs in this area. The sulfuric hot springs are still present and is used by the public bathhouses in this area.

Georgia Day 1-4607

Statue of a Falcon at the hot springs

Georgia Day 1-4457

Sulfur Bath Houses

The capital of Iberia was moved to Tbilisi by King Dachi the son and successor of King Vakhtang.

Georgia Day 1-4660

Georgia Day 1-4756

The city has started to grow since the 4th century to what it is today. Today the city is teeming with tourists and one that should never be missed from one’s to visit places.

Shall return soon with posts covering other key locations of this wonderful city.


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