Sharjah Light Festival @ Al Qasba & Cultural Palace

Al Qasba. another major landmark in Sharjah plays host to many an events and is also a venue for the SLF shows since its inception in 2011.The major shows of SFL 2011 were held at Qasba.

Al Qasba has two long run of buildings that are separated by a central waterway. The internal facades of Qasba hosted the show “Visionary Sharjah”. This show essentially depicts the transformation of Sharjah from its ancestral past to what it is today to what could be expected tomorrow – A perfect time travel in supersonic speed.


I had a few shots in mind when I planned my visit to Qasba. One of them was to shoot the motion of the giant Ferris Wheel , the waterway and the buildings lit with light. I was pretty happy with how the pictures turned out, though there is a lot of scope for improvement.













My last visit to Qasba was to see the National Day fireworks. I reached just in time for the fireworks and hence did not get a vantage position. I had a feeling that shooting from top of the bridge nearby would be a nice idea.Captured a couple of shots from the bridge top to wind up my visit to Qasba


Since the location was pretty well lit,I decided to set aperture at f16 to avoid washout while using slow shutter speeds. f16, ISO100 and BULB mode were my settings. Shutter speed varied from 9 seconds to 60 seconds. I used a tripod and remote shutter release.

By now I have covered all the SLF2017 locations within the city except the Cultural Palace. In fact I had made a quick stop at Cultural Palace on my first day, however the chill of the night and the rumblings of the stomach prevented spending any quality time to take some decent pictures.

So I returned back to Cultural Palace to capture some shots from the show “Architectural Visions”.The show is a gentle sequence of moments inspired by the art of perspective.The show transpires from a representation of the old architecture to the modern day graphic illustrations. This time I planned to take the shots from the other side of the road to get a complete view and in the bargain was able to catch some moving traffic








The location is better known as the “Quran Roundabout” as a sculpture of Quran is placed at the center of this roundabout.





f16, ISO100 and BULB mode were my settings. Shutter speed varied from 4 seconds to 10 seconds while on a couple of shots i used 18 and 25 seconds . Shot using a tripod and remote shutter release.

I was about to pack up and go, when sudden flash of idea hit me to try out some light trails. The location was perfect for this and I trained my sights on to the Public Library building on the other side of the roundabout. Since the topic is light festival, though not painted with lights these could also easily fit the bill.




f16, ISO100 and BULB mode were my settings. Shutter speed for the first 2 at 4 seconds and the last one at 8 seconds. I used a tripod and remote shutter release.

That completes my series of posts on the Sharjah Light Festival 2017.Hope you have enjoyed the posts.

If you missed the earlier posts on SLF, you can find it here and here

Please do let me know your comments and feedback.

As I sign off, I think it would be also be a good idea to post something from the previous editions of SLF.


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