Al Majaz Waterfront

Since its opening in 2012, Al Majaz water front has in the last few years turned out to be one of the most popular destinations for the residents of Sharjah as well as tourists visiting UAE. The waterfront area built around the Khalid Lagoon houses among others a play area for kids, a splash park, mini golf area, abra rides, jogging track and an art area.The clutch of cafe’s and fast food outlet provides a good dining option as well.

At night, one gets a spectacular panoramic view from the waterfront and has been the subject of many a photographs.


The main attraction is however the Sharjah Fountain, which combines music, lasers, light and water jets into an impressive show. The show usually lasts about 5 minutes  and is usually repeated at half hour intervals after sunset.



My visits to the Al Majaz water front is never complete without capturing some pictures of the fountain and the cityscape surrounding the waterfront.




One can have an excellent view of the Al Noor mosque, which is again one of the landmarks of the area.


The Al Majaz waterfront is also a key location of many an events including the ongoing Islamic Arts Festival that runs until 24th of Jan.



This waterfront is also the venue of the last race of the F1 H2O UIM Power Boat World Championship races.


Though not part of the waterfront development, there is also an amphitheater at the other side of the lagoon where many a cultural shows are held.


The Al Noor Island near the Al Noor Mosque is the last of key attraction on the water front.


Buoyed by the popularity of the Al Majaz waterfront among the  residents and visitors, an extension to the project was launched which is nearing its completion. Once completed the area would have among others more dining options, parking lots and even an extended fountain


7 thoughts on “Al Majaz Waterfront

  1. Ansari, I must confess, I’m a bit too much intoxicated by the beauty of the Sharjah night sky that you have so nicely and expertly captured. I wish you good luck as you progress to being a photo blogger. Give us more. I think it will be a good idea to copyright your work… Im just thinking out loud, though.

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  2. Never been to Noor Island and the amphitheatre…Asking out of curiosity, how about pics of Blue souq end of corniche ? Is it considered out of territory?


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