Dubai Water Canal

Dubai is a city that has never failed to innovate. It is this spirit of Dubai to enhance to the latest in every field that has seen it leapfrogging its competition.


Dubai canal project announced in October 2013 envisaged extending of the Dubai Creek all the way up to Jumeirah. The artificial canal was to be built from Business Bay through Safa and end at Jumeirah. True to the spirit of Dubai once announced there was no looking back and the project was executed at an amazing pace. To allow the canal to cut across, two massive over bridges were built on the busy Sheikh Zayed road, the lifeline of Dubai. What was more amazing was that the bridges ( each 8 lanes) were built on a busy road with minimal traffic interruptions.The project also involved 2 other bridges and 4 marina stations. The width of the canal ranges from 80 to 120 meters and 6 meter deep. The bridges are 8 to 8.5 meters in height. The canal is also served by 5 pedestrian bridges to cross over from one side to the other.


Three years down the line, on 09 November 2016 the Dubai canal was opened.The basic infrastructure is now in place and the waterfront development

There are multiple ways by which one can enjoy the newly opened water canal. The first option is of course via the broad walk at Business Bay Area. While travelling from Dubai towards Abu Dhabi on the Sheikh Zayed road take Exit after the Business Bay Metro Station. You can see a road sign showing the “Board Walk” exit as  well. Once you are in the service road you can go straight to the paid parking lots under the over bridge. The parking lots follow the paid parking times applicable in the city. Alternative would be to take right once in the service road and go past the Gulf News office and the school area to go to the free parking areas. If you are travelling in the opposite direction, Abu Dhabi to Dubai, it would be probably be tricky if you are not used to the roads in Dubai. Take second interchange exit and join the Al Wasl Street crossing the Safa park on your right.Turn right as you join the Al Wasl Street and cross the new bridge over the canal. Turn right on to the 30B street and head towards the school areas and then arrive at the same parking area mentioned earlier. Other alternative is to take the free exit at second interchange / Dubai refreshments and join the Al Meydan street. Take the U turn at Dubai Bowling center coming back towards the second interchange again. Take a right just before the EPPCO petrol station and follow the road towards Al Habtoor city and reach the parking lots under the over bridge.


RTA has opened 9 new marine stations along the canal with water taxi and ferry services for one to enjoy the canal and the Dubai cityscape. It is even possible to charter a water taxi. An hour would set you back by AED 400.

They say you haven’t been to the canal if you haven’t seen the water fall. The waterfall cascades from under the bridge and is said to be made up of 80 water pumps on each side of the bridge.


There are sensors installed to stop the waterfall when any marine transport approaches the waterfall.


This pedestrian bridge with the blue arc is said to be inspired from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco and is held in position by suspension cables.


The boardwalk is an ideal location to enjoy the Dubai’s cityscape including the Burj Khalifa. There is no doubt that this is a location which is a photographer’s delight.


If there is one place you cannot run out of batteries it is this place. If you find protrusions on the lamp posts on the walkway, they are charging stations. The arrangement is so neat that you can keep the phone over the charging station and not keep holding it.

The best in my opinion are the lifts that take you to the top of the over bridge from where you get an amazing view of the canal.


I am sure that once completely done this place will become another hot spot teeming with people.

I have long wanted to capture light trails from moving vehicles, and here on top of the bridge I was presented with the most ideal location to capture them.


Once I was done with the traffic on the roads, I turned my focus on to the metro line and attempted to capture the moving trail of a metro.


I am sure I will keep coming back here at different times of the day and night to click some shots.


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