A New Beginning

Starting a photo blog has been on my mind for a very long time. Somehow I could not do it for a wide variety of reasons -from being lazy to being apprehensive. At the start of the new year I decided to take the plunge, or at least make an attempt.

As the last sun of the year goes down one hopes that all the not so good things  go down with the sun and will never return with the new year sunrise. As the economic turmoil world over is related to the oil prices,I thought that a picture of the last sunset of 2016 with jack up barge in the foreground would be  one that exhilarates optimism in the year to come.


As the night sets in, it is time to say  last good bye to the year and welcome the new one. One is spoiled for choices in the UAE for fireworks on  new year’s eve.This year the new year’s eve fireworks at Al Majaz water front was announced to be a 10 minute long affair. We chose to go there as it was at a walking distance from our home and we could avoid all the traffic and still see a good show.

We were not to be disappointed, the 10 minute long fireworks proved to be  a visual treat to our eyes.


As the sun comes up on the new year’s day here is wishing all of you and your dear ones a happy and prosperous 2017

I hope to continue to post my photographic escapades at least twice a month.

Once again here is wishing every one a very happy new year.


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